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Let’s raise some dough!

Here’s a great way to make a real difference when fundraising for a community, charity or educational group.

It’s the Krispy Kreme “FUN-draising” program.

It’s pretty simple to understand and even simpler to put to work.


The idea of Krispy Kreme FUN-draising is to give your group the chance to raise some extra cash by selling the world’s most popular doughnuts

Simply purchase doughnuts from us at approximately 30% less than the retail price, you re-sell the product at a recommended retail price and your group pockets the profits!


Our products

Original Glazed™ dozen

The most popular FUN-draising option!

FUN-draising price $13 per dozen,   

Recommended re-sell price $19 per dozen, Profit $6 per dozen.

 Classic Assorted dozen

 A box of our most popular doughnuts, which includes 6 x Original Glazed,

2 x Choc Iced, 2 x Choc Iced Sprinkles, 2 x Strawberry Iced.

FUN-draising price $16 per dozen.

How do you qualify for Krispy Kreme FUN-draising?

In order to receive our special FUN-draising pricing, your organisation must qualify as a not-for-profit organisation as defined in one of the following ways:

1. Community

Community-based activity devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes and not for individual gain.

2. Charitable

Registered charitable organisation.

3. Educational

Authorised school or educational institution and their related groups, such as a band, club, and student or parent group associated with a school or educational institution.

Bonus Dozens

For every 100 dozen ordered, we will donate an additional 10 dozen FREE Original Glazed doughnuts, for orders up to 400 dozen

(i.e. maximum 40 FREE Original Glazed dozen).

Please note: Additional freight and packaging charges apply for free dozens. This additional cost for free dozens applicable to your order will be added to your invoice.

To work out how many free dozens you are eligible for, see the table below:

Dozens purchased

Bonus Dozens

50 - 99 0
100 - 199 10 Free
200 - 299 20 Free
300 - 399 30 Free
400 - over 40 Free