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To ensure your fundraiser is a complete success, follow the below process:

1. Enquiry

Contact the Krispy Kreme FUN-draising team via the ‘Apply now’ form
with your preferred FUN-draising order delivery/collection date, time and the estimated dozen quantity you wish to order for your fundraiser

Important note: your enquiry at this point is considered a query only. No order delivery/collection date will be booked and confirmed at this time.

A Krispy Kreme FUN-draising team member will respond to your enquiry within 2 business days.

Important note: Please wait to hear from Krispy Kreme before proceeding any further with your fundraiser.

2. Booking

A Krispy Kreme FUN-draising team member will respond to your enquiry to either confirm your booking or offer an alternative day and/or order quantity which will be based on bookings already scheduled in the Krispy Kreme FUN-draising calendar.
Once you receive confirmation from Krispy Kreme that your order has been accepted, you can begin planning your fundraiser and taking FUN-draising orders from your customers/supporters.

Important note: No payment is required at this time but a cancellation fee may be charged if you cancel your order from this date onwards.

3. Order

A ‘Fundraising Order Form’ will be provided in the Fundraising Kit by Krispy Kreme. Two weeks prior to your accepted booking you must complete and return the form via e-mail or fax to Krispy Kreme confirming the final quantity of doughnuts you require for your order, so we can book your final order in with our manufacturing team.

4. Contract & Payment

Krispy Kreme will process your ‘Fundraising Order Form’ within 2 business days of receiving the form and e-mail you a contract/invoice with total cost details. You must sign and return the contract via e-mail or fax within 2 days of receiving the contract for your order to be finalised and booked in.

Payment must then be made via Direct Deposit or Credit Card 1 week prior to your booking. Direct Deposit payments can only be made by prior arrangement with Krispy Kreme. Please advise when booking your fundraiser if you wish to pay via Direct Deposit.
Payment must be processed no less than 7 days prior to your booking. Once payment is received your order will be produced and delivered or be available for collection on the approved booking.

For any questions regarding FUN-draising orders, contact us on 1300
KK FUND (1300 553 863) or
Please note: we require a minimum of 2 weeks notice of your fundraising requirements.

Reaching your target!

Dozens purchased

Bonus Dozens

Total Dozens


30 0 30 $180
50 0 50 $300
100 10 110 $790
200 20 220 $1,580
300 30 330 $2,370
400 40 440 $3,160
500 40 540 $3,760

* Profit amounts listed are based on Original Glazed dozens and when the total dozens (including free dozens) are sold at the recommended re-sell price. Delivery fees are not factored into the profit amounts.



Important information to note

  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts are made fresh daily and best consumed within 24 hours.

  • Ensure you handle and transport doughnuts with care and sell them as fresh as possible.

  • A minimum order quantity of 30 dozen applies to every FUN-draising order. You can collect your order from a Krispy Kreme store, or delivery may be available for an additional fee and is subject to availability. All FUN-draising orders being air freighted incur an additional freight and packaging charge per individual dozen box of doughnuts.

  • Areas where FUN-draising is available

    • We currently service selected areas of NSW, QLD, WA and VIC, with collection available from Krispy Kreme stores. Delivery may be available for an additional fee.

    • Krispy Kreme FUN-draising also offers an airport to airport service for some regional areas. Freight and packaging charges apply. Dates are subject to availability and must be pre-booked with Krispy Kreme at least 4 weeks in advance.

For more information and to find out if we can deliver to your area, please contact the Krispy Kreme FUN-draising team on 1300 553 863.

Transportation and storage

There are a few simple rules to follow to guarantee your customers receive the same sensational quality doughnuts that you can
buy at your local Krispy Kreme store.

  • Plan to deliver your Krispy Kreme doughnut orders to your customers as soon as you receive the order.

Important note: Krispy Kreme takes no responsibility for complaints on old and/or damaged doughnuts.

  • Only stack 4 Krispy Kreme dozen boxes on top of each other when transporting the product. Any more will result in the bottom box being crushed. If you bring a thick sheet of cardboard (at least 5mm thick) when collecting your dozens, you will be able to stack the boxes 8 high by inserting the cardboard at the fourth box.

Important note: We do not recommend doing this without cardboard or with more than 8 dozen per stack.

  • Keep your doughnuts in a cool shaded area and avoid direct sunlight at all times.
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate the product as the quality will deteriorate.
  • Store and transport boxes on a flat, smooth surface to avoid any damage.
  • Air freighted orders are packed in shipping cartons. Each carton contains 8 dozen.
  • Dimensions of a shipping carton are: 60cm x 40cm x 25cm (LxWxH)
  • Transportation requirements are dependent on the size of your fundraiser order.