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Something spooky is returning to Krispy Kreme.

It’s the Return of Krispy Skremes! If you hadn’t noticed, Halloween is a pretty big deal at Krispy Kreme. To celebrate Halloween every year we release a new range of limited edition Halloween doughnuts.

As far as Halloween themed food for your Halloween party goes, we’ve done the work for you. This year we have a range of four Halloween theme doughnuts. The Krispy Skremes range of doughnuts includes – Count Chocula, Choc-O-Lantern, MMM…Mummy and Spider Web doughnuts.


Halloween party

What's Halloween without a kickass costume?

A costume so legendary that your friends will be talking about it for years to come. To get you started we’ve put together a list of costumes ideas so-cool-right-now.

  • Pokemon Go – 2016 was the year of Pokémon Go. Be Ash, Misty, Brock or Team Rocket. Better yet be a Pokémon. There are so many Pokémon to choose from!!

  • Suicide Squad – Why be superheroes?when you can have more fun being supervillains. Harley Quinn and Joker are top of the list.

  • Stranger Things – It has Winona Ryder and some stunning 80s fashion. You’ll have a hard time picking just one character. We’re loving Eleven and Barb!

  • Snapchat Filters – If you love Snapchat filters, why not dress as one? Just imagine that beautiful butterfly. Rope in a friend to do the makeup, some headwear and you’re good to go.
    Don't be that guy in the white bedsheet. Be legendary!

Looking for Halloween entertainment ideas?

No matter what else you do this Halloween, a Halloween movie marathon should definitely be part of the plans.

Whether you love being scared witless, watching scary movies hiding behind a cushion or love the milder spooks and a few laughs, this list of the top 10 Halloween classic movies is the perfect mix of thrills for a Halloween movie night.

Get a few friends together, pop the popcorn, grab a dozen of our spookalicious doughnuts, and settle in for the night.

Family Friendly

  • Hocus Pocus
  • The Addams Family
  • Casper

The Classics

  • Beetlejuice
  • The Craft
  • Carrie
  • Ghostbusters

Seriously scary

  • Halloween
  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • The Shining

Watching these Halloween movies is the perfect way to celebrate this most terrifying time of year.

Halloween movies
Halloween store offer

Looking for more?

Available to order online and in stores now! Order now for your Halloween party and you can tick party catering off your list.

If you are in store, why not try one of our limited edition Spiders. No, not the scary kind. These are delicious drinks made with ice-cream and your choice of Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Fanta Raspberry.

Spider Web and Choc-O-Lantern are available at 7-Eleven.

Full range of Halloween doughnuts available at Jesters in WA and BP Travel Centres stores in QLD.